Nowdrifts review

Steve Berryman, writing for, reviewed The Body Electric concert which featured my piece “Nowdrifts for solo bass clarinet and fixed media… this piece opened with breath sounds, blowing through the instrument… Delicate conventional bass clarinet sounds slowly emerged, yet the fixed media was always in the foreground and often disguised [Richard] Haynes’ playing. The ending, a low sustained note with an unexpected twist to a short note, was uncoloured by the pre-prepared media and as such it made this solo note even more poignant.”

While it’s unclear if, according to Berryman, Richard’s being “disguised” by the audio material is a good or bad thing  – certainly my intention was for it to be difficult to distinguish between the two – I’m gratified that the ending created poignancy; in writing the piece I was thinking of Lachenmann’s Pression for solo ‘cello, which only slips into pitch after about 5 minutes of often intense noise, the effect of which (the emergence of pitch that is) is affectively intense.

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